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Microstarms 6541 ver2 1 руководство, онлайн игру street legal racing redline

Microstarms 6541 ver2 1 руководство

Может кто подскажет братцы где можно найти мануал на MS-6541 Ver:2.1( Compaq Evo D310 Desktop) , что то реально не могу найти. Board intel MS6541 ver2.1 that comes from a desktop Compaq EVO Find the true manufacturer/model and finding the manual is a breeze. Hello everybody, I've got a mobo (as far as can understand from Compaq PC) and not a clue on jumper settings. Would somebody could.

Microstar MS-6541 v1.0. I could use a BIOS update, some specs (CPU/DDR support) and a user's manual. BIOS can be found at Compaq.

Ver2 6541 microstarms руководство 1

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